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Why Perform a Home Inspection?

ACCU-CHEK has Discovered Thousands of Deficiencies and Damage Every Year in Potential Purchases.

Hazardous Molds - Roof Leaks - Structural Damage - Unsafe Electrical - Leaking Plumbing

Basement Water Penetration - HVAC Issues - High Radon

And Yes! Our Inspectors Inspect the Roof from the Rooftop whenever possible. Many Inspectors Won't!!

Buyer Beware! Take advantage of the opportunity to inspect your potential purchase. We have over 20 years of Experience and have performed Thousands of Inspections.

If you are Buying a Property, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing the condition of the property. You will learn about your potential new home including maintenance tips and safety enhancement. The inspector will also point out defects both major and minor. An Experienced Professional Inspector can determine if there are any issues the seller should repair before purchase. Some repairs can cost you thousands if not addressed prior to purchase.

If you are Selling a Property, a preinspected home is a more marketable home. You will learn if any defects exist that you were not aware of. Of course you have the option of repairing them. It is better to know ahead of time than to wait until the buyer discovers them during your Contract. A Radon test is often used to determine if Mitigation will be required before selling.

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